Medical Information

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In the meantime, we can still assist you in one of the following channels:

Report an Adverse Event or Product Complaint


Adverse Event

Any untoward medical occurrence in a patient or clinical investigation subject administered a pharmaceutical product and which may or may not have a causal relationship with this treatment.

Additional safety information includes (but is not limited to) the following report types:

  • Unapproved or off-label use
  • Use during pregnancy
  • Exposure to a drug during breastfeeding/lactation
  • Overdose (whether intentional, accidental, or prescribed)
  • Drug abuse or misuse
  • Medication errors
  • Drug-drug interactions
  • Drug-food interactions
  • Lack of therapeutic effect

To report a suspected adverse event or product complaint, contact us via UCBCares® at 1-844-599-CARE (2273) or email


Submit a Medical Inquiry

Ask us a product-related question and someone from our UCBCares® or Medical Information team will provide a response via email, phone, fax, or mail.


Connect With an MSL

Request a meeting with your local Medical Science Liaison.

Or speak with a UCBCares® Associate

1-844-599-CARE (2273) or email